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Discover AU's Online RN to BSN Program

AU’s FLEX RN to BSN program gives you, the working nurse, a faster route to professional advancement by allowing you to leverage your nursing knowledge to get your degree at your own pace.

By using online courses, you can move through the program quickly to obtain the promotion and raise you deserve without having to attend classes on campus. The FLEX RN-BSN program also gives professors the opportunity to measure your competency level, instead of your ability to meet class due dates and timelines.

Earn Your Degree Quickly…and for Less Money

By working online, you can take as many as four courses in one seven-week term to complete the degree program quicker. If you complete two FLEX courses within five weeks, you can add up to two more for free. The FLEX program requires ten nursing courses, for a total of 28 hours as well as a nursing-related senior project that shows your mastery of the principles you’ve learned in the program. Additionally, the program allows you to complete, online, any general education course requirement you may have. Typically, courses taken as part of an associate’s degree will transfer to complete most of the general education courses.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the average salary for a registered nurse is about $66,000, while the salary for nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) averages more than $75,000. Nurses with their BSN can take on supervisor roles and assist in major surgeries as a charge nurse, ICU nurse, or registered nurse supervisor. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the US will experience a nurse shortage by the year 2022; therefore, your skillset and degree will be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Professional Role Transition

For developing your role as a professional nurse.

Leadership and Management for Practicing Nurses

To look at your role as a leader and manager in the health care organizational structure

Health Assessment for Professional Nurses

 To further your skills in evaluating patient health.