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Discover Your Passion in AU's Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Today’s market demands a workforce with effective communication and critical thinking skills as well as practical and field-specific knowledge and training. Students earning a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree combine two complementary academic disciplines that will prepare graduates to be innovative employees and dynamic individuals. Courses in the major support students as they identify and explore pathways across disciplines, combined with opportunities for application of the skills from both major categories. Ultimately, students have the flexibility to shape the degree that suits their career goals and professional and personal interests.


Christian Studies
Coding & App Development
Criminal Justice
Healthcare Management
Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Human Resources Management
Human Services
Organizational Leadership
Supply Chain Management
Youth Ministry*

*Programs with an asterisk are not always available in an online format.

Why Interdisciplinary Studies?


AU’s Interdisciplinary Studies degree encourages thoughtful engagement with diverse subject areas related to the human experience. Career preparation is balanced with development of the student as an individual situated in a complex and fascinating world. Students prepare for a wide variety of careers in areas that include social service, government, business, management, public relations, technology, communication, criminal justice, and private and non-profit sectors. The degree also provides an excellent opportunity to take prerequisite courses in preparation for pursuing a graduate degree.

Coursework Details


General Education (31 semester hours)

Courses in communications, literature, statistics, humanities, fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural science, and Christian Studies. These are the liberal arts component of the degree and are foundational to upper division courses.

Core Courses (12 semester hours)

Courses that introduces students to the interdisciplinary studies degree, a course in business communication, and a capstone course that explores the complementary aspects of the chosen disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Studies Concentrations (36 Semester Hours)

Requires 9-12 discipline-specific credit hours at the 300-400 level in each discipline and requires a minimum number of 21 total credit hours at the 300-400 level between the two major disciplines. Prescribed course rotations will be followed for each of the concentrations.

General Electives (Sufficient hours to complete requirement for 120 hours for the degree)

Courses that permit students to take additional work in subjects that interest them and that will be helpful in their careers. It is important to consult with an advisor when selecting electives.