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Make the Most of Your Online Marketing Degree

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is designed for working adults who have career objectives in business administration. It prepares individuals for positions in business – general management, managerial accounting, management of computer information systems, human resources management, project management, industrial and service quality management, and other managerial functions.

Since the BBA degree is the undergraduate version of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, it provides excellent preparation for pursuing the MBA or other graduate degrees in business. Students interested in graduate study should consult with their advisor in planning their schedules so as to include those areas commonly required for admission to graduate programs in business, particularly accounting, finance, and statistics.

Why a Marketing Concentration?

The Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing concentration is a great choice for students who desire to interface with customers and help position organizations for success. Specific areas of study include professional sales, advertising, market research, consumer behavior, negotiation skills, digital and social media marketing, and new product development. Students will also learn how marketing professionals help set the vision of a firm through the establishment of strategic initiatives that improve customer relationships and overall organizational effectiveness