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Your Online Degree in Accounting Is Closer Thank You Think

Accountants often work behind the scenes of the business world and play a critical part in our economy. Simply put, nearly every sector needs accountants. Name a field, and you’ll likely find accounting jobs.

You can work as a personal finance advisor, a public auditor, a staff accountant, a corporate entertainment accountant, an accounting teacher, or an environmental compliance analyst. You could even work as an FBI agent fighting white-collar crime.  Just as learning a foreign language provides access to diverse cultures and opportunities, fluency in principles of accounting opens an array of employment options.

Firm foundation

AU’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) will give you a firm foundation in many areas of business. You will take a set of core classes in business, finance, management, economics, and marketing. This will help you gain competency in areas such as statistics, micro- and macroeconomics, the Uniform Commercial Code, financial management, and international business.

For your accounting concentration, you will take 24 hours of upper-level accounting classes. In these courses, you will learn the generally accepted accounting principles that govern accounting. You will also study subjects such as taxation, auditing, accounting information systems, and inventory planning and control.

Typically, your face-to-face classes will be capped at 30 students. This means that your professors will know you as an individual and take a personal interest in your education.

How it works

Most of the general education and business classes you need will be offered online in eight-week terms, allowing flexibility for your busy schedule. You can take two terms in fall and spring, and one in the summer. You will be considered a full-time student if you take two classes per term.

Your other accounting classes will meet at the University Center of Greenville each semester. These classes meet two nights a week from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

If you’ve earned credits from other institutions, the BBA allows you to transfer up to 75 percent of the credits necessary for your degree. You can earn up to 30 credits per year at AU as a full-time student.

Responsibility & Trust

As an accountant, or in any other business position, you will take on roles of trust and responsibility. Investors, and the economy at large, depend on the integrity of auditors and other accountants who produce and examine financial statements. At Anderson University, we believe in approaching all we do from a biblical perspective, and this includes integrity in business. Your professors will equip you to make ethical and upright decisions in your future accounting jobs.

Where your degree will take you

The courses you take at AU will equip you for graduate school, and prepare you for jobs in business and accounting.