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If you’re ready to connect your leadership abilities with your passion for nursing and healthcare, AU is here to help you along that journey. Our MSN Executive Leadership program joins the fields of nursing and business, preparing you for emergency management and leadership within healthcare systems. 

Our instructors also understand the vital role of a Christian perspective in the workplace. As you take on leadership responsibilities in healthcare, you can follow in the footsteps of Christ, the ultimate servant-leader. Our Master of Science in Nursing programs enable you to start your program with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Follow the link below to identify the course sequence you’ll need to earn your degree.

Coursework and Training

In the 41-credit Executive Leadership program, you’ll take MBA classes that will prepare you for positions of authority and for the corporate healthcare setting. Your classes will include Management Thought & Application, Healthcare Finance & Economics, Public Health in Disaster Management, and Healthcare Policy & Structure.

Through these courses, you’ll gain practical knowledge in organizational and management theory, with a particular focus on budgeting, accounting, finance, strategic planning, and organizational development.

Your Future

The Executive Leadership concentration will prepare you to serve as a chief nursing officer, chief nursing executive, chief executive officer, or in other executive roles. Salaries for nurses in executive leadership range from $80,000 to $200,000.