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Profit comes after purpose. 

This value – and many more – are at the heart of AU’s Master of Organizational Leadership. Come learn a new perspective on leadership that supersedes the ethic of profit. Transform your role from a manager to a mentor, and from a boss to a leader. 

The faculty of the College of Business at AU stand ready to help shape your future by sharing their real-world experiences as consultants and thought leaders, encouraging you to be a powerful manager through a holistic approach to management.

15 Months to Transformational Leadership

Your degree requires ten courses that can be completed in as few as 15 months. Your coursework consists of five classes from the core requirements of AU’s MBA program, two elective classes and three classes specific to organizational leadership:

  • BUS 586 – Leading Organizational Change
  • BUS 587 – Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • BUS 588 – Effective Executive Communication in the Digital Age

Courses are offered in a completely online format and a hybrid format through which you can take online courses and attend an in-person class one night a week at Anderson's Greenville campus.

Core Principles

As you work through your program, you'll solidify the three core competencies of organizational leadership and management: ethical perspectives, practical application and merging leadership and organizational development strategies.

Ethical Perspectives

Learn how to implement dynamic leadership techniques without sacrificing the goal: empowering your employees for excellence for their sake, not yours.

Practical Applications

Discover how what you learn can be implemented in an effective way into your workplace via the real-world experiences of faculty members who know how to integrate classroom learning into a business setting.

Merging Leadership and Organizational Development Strategies

Combine the principles of employee-focused leadership with what you learn about business strategy to generate a lasting, repeatable ethic of influential workplace leadership.

Applying your Skills

Companies everywhere are seeking that edge in leadership and management. So whether you’re grasping for your first management job or moving up the ranks, a graduate degree in organizational leadership will serve you well. The degree also can boost your pay $10,000 to $20,000 and often is a mandatory qualification in industries such as manufacturing and healthcare.

Lead Workplace Transformation

Christ's model of leadership focused not on elevating yourself over others for gain but placing yourself at the level of those in your realm of influence. By knowing and loving those you serve, you get a clear picture of who they are and what they need to succeed. When we apply this model of leadership in management, real workplace transformation can occur. Paired with an expert understanding of business strategies and team dynamics, your influence has the potential to generate more than profit – you'll cultivate an empowered, thriving workplace.