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Earn Your MBA in Healthcare Leadership

The Healthcare Leadership MBA at Anderson University is specifically designed to advance your career. You will work first hand with highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty who will teach you state of the art healthcare strategies to drive an organization forward. 

Earning AU’s Healthcare Leadership concentration will give you a specialty that will increase your value in the job market. You will study strategies to advance the healthcare structure, healthcare finance and policy, and optimization techniques to improve satisfaction.

Our 45-credit program covers all aspects of success—from healthcare policy, quality assurance, leadership, and building the organization to its highest potential. You will be fully equipped to fulfill your career aspirations.

Six Sigma Certification included in Tuition

Six Sigma is a certification that focuses on quality control and optimization. This certification not only provides you with vital tools to drive an organization forward, it is a certification that is in high demand in healthcare management. A green belt certification can cost up to $1,500, however at AU it is included in your MBA tuition!

Flexible for the Working Professional

The Healthcare Leadership MBA is designed for the working professional, offering classes at night or 100% online. The flexibility of our program gives you the freedom to complete the courses at the time and place that’s most convenient for you. You can complete the program taking one class at a time or engage in an accelerated program to finish sooner. 

An MBA at AU can help increase your salary $5,000 to $20,000 annually, and is regionally and ACBSP Accredited. Whether you are taking courses in person or online, our classes are fast paced, engaging, and informative. Classes will follow either a 7-week or 14-week format based on the nature of the course

Gaining Expertise

The healthcare industry is interdisciplinary—everyone, from business managers to physicians, must collaborate to create the best possible outcomes for patients. In addition to taking the MBA Core courses, you will take the following three concentration course

1. Healthcare Structure and Policy

In this course, you’ll gain an overview of the United States healthcare system past, present and future, including policy development and implementation at the local, state and national levels. You’ll explore social, political and economic factors that affect everyone involved in the healthcare system—consumers, healthcare professionals and organizations. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify problems and develop recommendations for health policy issues while considering diverse stakeholder perspectives.

2. Healthcare Finance and Economics

You’ll be immersed in the financial side of healthcare, including insurance, payment methods, revenue cycle, budgeting, cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis. Learn how the principles of economics affect decision-making for consumers, healthcare providers and insurers. At the end of the course, you’ll understand the characteristics of public and private health insurance, evaluate emerging payment methods for health service providers and use financial information to monitor practical healthcare issues.

3. Improving Healthcare Quality, Safety and Outcomes

This course focuses on evaluating and improving the business, clinical and satisfaction outcomes within healthcare organizations. You’ll examine numerous quality improvement factors, such as patient safety, program evaluation, public reporting and value-based purchasing. After completing the course, you’ll be able to define ways to monitor, assess and improve healthcare quality, safety and satisfaction.

Supportive Professors 

Professors at Anderson University are highly experienced, with many having served as VP Executives for leading corporations. You’ll enjoy a low student-faculty ratio, giving you more personalized attention from professors who won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We promote a rigorous but extremely supportive environment. Even in online classes, our professors still enjoy interacting on a personal level. At Anderson, you are valued in our classes, whether you’re on campus or in your home.

Case Study Method

Many courses in your MBA will apply the Case Study Method, in which various cases are presented to dissect the decision-making process in various business situations. Professors model the methods used to dig down to the heart of a problem, enabling you to understand different perspectives and make wise decisions as a manager in the workplace.  They will bring in a Biblical perspective into the course, providing the essential ethical platform needed for authentic and servant leadership. This will develop critical thinking skills to help you:

  1. Identify Business Problems and Opportunities
  2. Apply Business Tools to Solve Issues
  3. Analyze Business Data to Develop Informed Strategy
  4. Communicate Business Initiatives to Stakeholders
  5. Lead based on Business Ethics and Biblical Principles

Your Future in Healthcare Leadership

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing job markets, and industry experts predict that it will continue to be an area of strong employment opportunities long into the future. Your MBA will prepare you for leadership positions in the following types of organizations:

  • Hospital or health system
  • Health insurance company
  • Medical device manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Management or healthcare consulting firm
  • Emerging industries/ startups
  • Health information technology firm
  • Medical clinic at a large company