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Whether you’re talking cars or toothbrushes, if you can’t get your raw materials to the right place, on time, and within budget, the production of your product and its distribution to consumers are in trouble. In other words, all companies use some form of supply chain management. Global importing and exporting has led to a significant increase in the need for supply chain managers who understand the mathematical concepts associated with the supply chain along with knowledge of economics, finance and accounting. 

AU’s MBA concentration in supply chain management will equip you to tackle today’s business problems, including giving you a thorough introduction to logistics, operations management and business-to-business procurement. You’ll receive a broad education in core business management topics with a focus on supply chain management skills needed to perform in our global business environment. 

What You’ll Study

In AU’s nine-credit concentration in supply chain management, you’ll study how to evaluate, improve and build this crucial business process, from procurement and project management to logistics and operations management. Here’s an overview of what you’ll study in the concentration’s three online courses:

Supply Chain Management and Procurement

This class provides a systems thinking perspective of supply chain management with a focus on strategic procurement. It includes topics that support organizations as they face globalization of trade for both tangible and intangible goods and services. Topics include managing and strategizing globally; multi-national location and site selection; international commerce, sourcing and purchasing; currency and negotiations; global logistics; and, operations management.  The course will include the key issues in areas of supplier quality, inter and intra-organizational relationship management, global sourcing and supplier relationship management in order to optimize product innovation. This class will also include discussion and application of the triple bottom line, including sustainability, the reverse supply chain and life cycle analysis.

Logistics and Distribution

This course will examine the critically important areas of transportation, distribution and logistics and how they relate to overall supply chain management. Current domestic and global transportation, distribution and logistics concepts, tools and trends are covered. This course combines theory and application to provide an up-to-date, practical learning opportunity that focuses on the needs of modern managers and professionals in an age of global competition and rapid technological change. Character and operational excellence principles related to management activities will also be explored and applied. 

Project Management

This course provides a comprehensive overview of project management while emphasizing project management tools, team problem solving techniques and the interpersonal skills required to lead effective project teams. Planning concepts, project scope, time, cost, and risk, and making direct use of such information to develop key documentation such as the project schedule and budget will be covered. Examples of specific topics considered include project work content and change, documentation, and resource requirements. This class incorporates both the technical and leadership/human capital aspects of project management.

More Than an Education

You may want to earn an MBA because you want a bump up in pay or position, and we’re confident that in today’s interconnected, global network of suppliers and consumers, your MBA with this concentration will help you achieve your goals. But our students and alumni tell us that AU’s MBA program has given them more. Michael Pacek, who was a nontraditional student during his undergrad years at another university, wrote a personal thank you to a faculty member of our MBA program: “I have found a greater sense of purpose in my work life, learned the importance of balance between work and family, and reconnected with my beliefs…I have (and will continue) to praise the true value it brings to me on a daily basis.” And Michael is just one of many MBA students who have noted the personal touch of our professors. Says student Laura Page: “The program has allowed me to grow both professionally and spiritually…Every time someone mentions going to get their MBA, I always tell them how great AU has been for me. Not only have the courses been challenging and beneficial, but the professors are so personable and supportive. “ As an AU student, we will help you prosper in business—and in life—in the spirit of Christ.

Your Future in Supply Chain Management

If you want an edge over the other job applicants wielding their MBAs, consider earning this concentration in supply chain management. You’ll be equipped to attain positions and advancement in both the manufacturing and service sectors. You’ll have the skill set to pursue careers in demand management, production scheduling, sourcing and relationship management, global logistics, supply chain sustainability and inventory management.  You’ll be able to serve as a buyer, inventory manager, materials analyst, or purchasing agent, and you’ll be prepared to advance to a top-tier position, such as a manager, director or vice president of supply chain and/or logistics management. Supply chain managers enjoy increased opportunities for career advancement as they take on responsibilities for new product development, manufacturing, budgeting and even managing strategy for an organization.

Nationally, salaries for supply chain managers range from $91,500 to more than $120,000.