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It’s great that you’re getting an MBA, but other job seekers have that on their resume too. To separate yourself from the pack, and to get that new job faster, add a specialty onto your MBA.

Earning AU’s nine-credit concentration in marketing will increase your value as a job seeker and marketing professional. You’ll study tools from analyzing customer behavior to learning how to conduct a traditional or digital advertising campaign.

The Knowledge You’ll Gain

To earn your concentration, take three of the following classes, which are offered online.

Strategic Advertising

This course is designed to provide an executive understanding of how to conduct advertising campaigns for companies. The course begins with positioning and development of an integrated market message. Then it seeks to enable the student to determine if an ad or campaign will be effective. It includes scorecards and measures to evaluate success and to know when advertising is worthwhile when results are not measurable. The focus is on “traditional advertising methods” (outdoor, TV, radio and print advertising methods). It will also review some key public relations issues that integrate with advertising campaigns.

Strategic Digital Marketing

This course reviews tools and techniques needed for effective marketing via electronic means: from email to mobile apps, social media and other electronic communication. It seeks to provide understanding on current methodologies and how to analyze them for use. We’ll also discuss how to incorporate new/appropriate electronic methods when they become available. Budget allocation and message integration among electronic and other aspects of the media mix will be discussed. 

Marketing Analytics and Customer Behavior

This course enables students to apply statistical tools to understand customers and plot strategies to meet their needs. Key issues include developing tools to understand customer needs and wants and then taking data and turning it into information that enables a firm to make effective marketing decisions. Thus, the student will learn how to segment markets and use segmentation to communicate with customer-appropriate messaging, and other differentiated tactics. 

Strategic Promotional Marketing

This course examines how firms integrate promotional activities into their marketing mix. Students learn techniques and issues related to pricing tools to promote sales. These tools include coupons, sales, and other off-pricing methodologies. The course also reviews other promotional marketing techniques, such as giveaways, displays, and loyalty programs.

Your Future in Marketing

Every company has a marketing department, and having an MBA with a concentration in marketing will prepare you for leadership roles in marketing. In fact, in addition to becoming chief marketing officers, marketing professionals can rise to become the CEO of their companies. In short, you are more prepared for your future with this concentration, than without it.