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Earn Your Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

Designed to Advance Your Career

The Healthcare Management Graduate Certificate at Anderson University is a 10-12 month program specifically designed to advance your career. You will work first hand with highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty who will teach you state of the art management strategies in the Healthcare industry. 

The healthcare industry is interdisciplinary—everyone, from business managers to physicians, must collaborate to create the best possible outcomes for patients. In addition to the satisfaction of helping families meet their healthcare needs, earning AU’s Healthcare Leadership concentration will give you a specialty that’ll increase your value in the job market. You’ll study healthcare finance and policy, the structure of the industry and how to evaluate and improve the business, clinical and satisfaction outcomes within healthcare organizations

Flexible for the Working Professional

Your next promotion may not be as out of reach as you think. Completing a graduate certificate at AU gives you the specialization in Healthcare Management you need to strengthen your skillset and boost your career. 

Our 4-class program is designed for the working professional, offering classes 100% online.  The flexibility of our program gives you the freedom to complete the courses at the time and place that’s most convenient for you. Our classes are fast paced, engaging, and informative. Classes will follow either a 7-week long or 14-week format based on the nature of the course.

Your Future in Healthcare Leadership

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing job markets, and industry experts predict that it will continue to be an area of strong employment opportunities long into the future. Your Certificate will prepare you for leadership positions across a wide spectrum of the industry. You could work as a manager or administrator at the following types of organizations:

  • Hospital or health system
  • Health insurance company
  • Medical device manufacturer
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Management or healthcare consulting firm
  • Emerging industries/ startups
  • Health information technology firm
  • Medical clinic at a large company

Healthcare Management Certificate Courses

BUS 501 – Management Thought & Application (3 credit hours)

This course assists students in developing essential management skills for a global business world. The course focuses on a study of management strategies and techniques and their application in the development of an ethical approach to improve managerial effectiveness. The students’ critical thinking and analytical skills will be honed. Cases and business simulations will be used to develop a knowledge base for use in the remaining courses of the program.

BUS 571 – Healthcare Structure and Policy (3 credit hours)

This course provides a critical review of the healthcare system in the United States with a study of healthcare policy development and implementation. It examines healthcare policy from local, state, national, stakeholder and organizational perspectives. It explores historical, sociocultural, political, and economic factors and implications for consumers, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations.

BUS 572  – Healthcare Finance and Economics (3 credit hours)

This course examines the demand for and supply of healthcare services through the lens of healthcare finance and economics. It applies principles of health economics and finance to analyze and evaluate how consumers, healthcare providers and health insurers make decisions. Topics may include health insurance, payment methods, managed care, revenue cycle management, budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, and cost-effectiveness analysis for various sectors of the healthcare industry.

BUS 573 – Improving Healthcare Quality, Safety and Outcomes (3 credit hours)

This course focuses on the evaluation, improvement, and management of business, clinical and satisfaction outcomes in healthcare organizations. It examines clinical and business process applications relating to quality and performance improvement, informatics, evidence-based management, patient safety, program evaluation, public reporting, value-based purchasing, and accountable care.