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As demonstrated by the constant news cycle of cyber-attacks, network infiltration and data breaches, as well as the large number of vulnerable systems to target, the need for cybersecurity professionals will significantly increase in the coming years. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from 2016-2026 we can expect 28% job growth in the Cybersecurity field, which is “much faster” than average in the USA.

A Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity from Anderson University prepares you as both an ethical and technological leader. This certificate prepares students with the ability to integrate the skills and principles of cybersecurity into their professional contexts. The largely non-technical certificate complements the ethical strengths of an Anderson University education and gives a modern advantage to those who are currently in or plan to be in careers related to cyber defense or augmenting their current professional skills with an awareness and ability to serve their contexts by avoiding cybersecurity incidents and responding appropriately in such situations. 

Example Courses

  • Cybersecurity Foundations and Ethics
  • Cryptography
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Digital Forensics 
  • Ethical Hacking

Program Learning Goals

To develop graduates…

  • who understand the fundamentals of the Cybersecurity discipline.
  • with the technical knowledge and skills needed to secure computer systems and networks.