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Discover the World of Coding and App Development at AU

The story of the twenty-first century is being written in computer code and you have the opportunity to participate in this language of innovation. Anderson University collaborated with Apple to create a fully online post-baccalaureate certificate in Coding and App Development that will empower you to write the code that drives the applications connecting our modern world.

Build on your existing degree and skills

Code is the language used to run the devices and the apps you interact with in your daily life. This certificate will help you better understand what is behind those systems and be able to shape what they do in your context.

The Coding and App Development certificate is open to professionals from a variety of backgrounds. It comprises 12 credits and has no prerequisite courses to get started. It will provide you with the principles of coding and app design and development using Swift (the language of choice for iOS) and Xcode(a suite of app development tools).

Coursework for the Certificate: 

CDG 111 - Coding 1 (3 Cr. Hrs.)
CDG 112 - Coding 2 (3 Cr. Hrs)
CDG 205 - Introduction to Mobile Interface Design (3 Cr. Hrs.)
COM 215 - Introduction to Web Development (3 Cr. Hrs.)

Learn to code, collaborate

AU is a leading innovator in mobile learning. Acting on its “Everyone Can Code” philosophy, Apple and AU have formed a partnership that provides you with a unique opportunity.

Apple assisted AU in mapping out a certificate designed to give you the knowledge and skill required for careers in software development and information technology. All the content to teach coding, including instructor guides and coding curriculum, is free and provided through Apple’s App Development with Swift curriculum.

While pursuing this certificate, you’ll not only learn to code, but you’ll acquire a skillsetthat’ll serve you well in any environment. Throughout the curriculum, you’ll study:

  • Foundations of code and logic that will help you create your own code
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills that equip you to address real-world solutions
  • Human-centered design – how humans interact with technology (crucial for app development)
  • Collaboration and teamwork – you’ll serve with fellow students on a software-development team, working together to design an app for a client

Career Outlook

What can you do with a background in Coding and App Development? Just about anything. Whether it’s designing solutions to newly defined problems or leveraging the use of big data, every company, institution and organization needs someone to write code in some capacity.

Coding skills are applicable across all disciplines. A recent study analyzing United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed that half of all computer programming or coding positions are outside of the technology industry. Jobs utilizing coding skills are applicable in industries ranging from finance and manufacturing to health care and graphic design. 

The tech magazine “Fast Company,” citing the study, reported that “coding has become a core skill that bolsters a candidate’s chances of commanding a high salary… researchers found that jobs that require coding skills pay up to $22,000 per year more, on average.”