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Test Article

big house on campus

Caption for the key art

This is a summary.

Getting Started

This is a test article to get you started. Click the blue plus sign in the top left hand of your screen to find the block you need. Or hit "Enter" and click the black plus sign that appears to the right.

This is alt text
This is the caption for the image above.

Enter an image block and upload directly from your computer. By clicking on the image, you can format it, align, resize, add a caption.

When you've clicked the image, you'll see Block options in the right hand sidebar. Here you can add alt text for accessibility purposes.

In addition, you can add video blocks, quote blocks, headers, embed blocks. If you can't find something specific, just search for it within the block directory.

Ready to Publish?

Once you've completed your article, ensure that you've filled out all of the necessary information in the bottom sections (More Settings and MetaTags). Within the More Settings, you'll find the teaser lede. This is a one line description of the article. The Summary is a much longer description and shows up on the "Latest" listing page. Be sure to give the article a category as well as appropriate tags. This helps with click through so that users can find more relevant articles. Don't forget to add your key art. This is the image that will show up on thumbnails across the site and at the top of the article as a "header image." If you do not want an image at the top of your article, you can uncheck the box to "Show Key Art on Top of Article." We recommend an image larger than 610 x 131 px for quality assurance.

The article will be set to "Draft" by default. If you're still drafting your article and want to come back to it later, click the blue "Save" button in the top right. If you're done drafting, mark the status as "Ready for Review" and hit "Save." This will alert the admin who will then review, provide feedback if needed, and publish when ready.

At the bottom of the More Settings section, you can also enter keywords and edit the snippets that will appear on search engines for SEO purposes. Below that, in the MetaTags section, you can get a bit more detailed.

One last thing, in the right hand sidebar, be sure to confirm the "Authoring Information" and fill out the "Promotion Options." By clicking "Promoted to Front Page," your article will appear on the home page. By clicking "Sticky at top of lists," this will keep your article at the top of the Latest listing page despite it's publish date. By default, this list is ordered chronologically.