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You decide to return to school after several years in the workforce, or maybe you want to pursue graduate studies. So, you find a program that suits you and apply. You wonder, now what? How do you know you’ve submitted all the right materials? What credits will transfer? How do you register for classes?

When you apply at Anderson University, we won’t leave you wondering. We won’t make you call a dozen departments to find the answers you need. Not only will a dedicated Academic Success Advisor guide you from application to setting your initial course schedule, but an advisor will be your guide and advocate from the time your first schedule is set until graduation.

What are Academic Success Advisors, and how do they help you?

Once your first schedule is set, an Academic Success Advisor from your area of study will contact you to guide you on your transition from applicant to AU student. Your advisor will assist you through all parts of your academic career: creating an educational plan, registering for classes, navigating the various offices on campus, and finding ways to help you manage your time and workload. Your Academic Success Advisor will check in with you regularly. You can also contact your advisory at any time with questions or concerns. If your advisor doesn’t know the answer, he or she will find someone who does.

Our tagline at AU is “Knowledge for the Journey.” While you pursue knowledge for your life’s journey, your advisor will help you on your educational journey. In a nutshell, Academic Success Advisors make your life easier.

Who gets an Academic Success Advisor?

Every student in an online, evening, or graduate program at AU will have a dedicated Academic Success Advisor. We understand that, as an adult student, you make sacrifices to pursue your education. We know that you may shoulder family and work obligations that require your time and energy. That’s why our Academic Success Advisors work to make the process at AU as smooth and low-stress as possible for you.

Why does AU offer Academic Success Advisors?

Our mission at AU is to demonstrate Christ-centered, student-oriented service. We want you to feel welcomed on our campuses, in your online classes, and through your interactions with faculty, staff, and administration. The Academic Success Advisor program is another way for us to say that you, the individual, matter to us. We want to help you succeed.