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Earn a supply chain management and logistics graduate certificate in 12 months, 100% online. This certification will equip you with the knowledge to improve overall organization performance and customer satisfaction. The coursework will teach you how to make a meaningful, hands-on contribution to the analysis, design and implementation of business performance approaches, and to develop tailor-made solutions ensuring positive sustainable results for customers.

Earning a Supply Chain Management and Logistics Certificate will increase your value in the job market. The areas of study are: project management, strategic procurement, and logistics management. Students without a 4-year or graduate degree would need to pass a basic statistics exam, and then they could take BUS 550, BUS 601, BUS 602 and BUS 603. 

The supply chain management and logistics certificate will equip you to attain positions and advancement in both the manufacturing and service sectors. You’ll have the skill set to pursue careers in demand management, production scheduling, sourcing and relationship management, global logistics, supply chain sustainability and inventory management.  Additionally you'll be skilled to serve as a buyer, inventory manager, materials analyst, or purchasing agent, and be prepared to advance to a top-tier position, such as a manager, director or vice president of supply chain and/or logistics management. Supply chain managers enjoy increased opportunities for career advancement as they take on responsibilities for new product development, manufacturing, budgeting and even managing strategy for an organization.